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For those looking on what defenders are difficult to beat with an underleveled defender try the {{link1}}. It assumes a level 25 attacker and simulates defending with a level 30 pokemon. You can also try and make things a bit more fair with {{link2}} or {{link3}}.
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Gym Rankings
Welcome to the new, state of the art personalized rankings section of Pokebattler. Unlike other sites, you get to choose exactly what combination of settings you wish to build your own customized rankings! This site is extremely customizable, allowing you to choose your attacker level, defender level, attack strategy, dodge strategy, sort and grouping options.
This page works by running over 30,000,000 combat simulations for each ranking setting. This covers every single possible combination of attacker, attacker move, defender and defender moves for your chosen setting. There are hundreds of thousands of different combinations of settings to choose from for both attacker and defender rankings! Feel free to try different ones until you get what you like.
Welcome to Pokebattler Rankings 2.0!


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